Programs Administered by Bridges Family Programs

All programs and services are volumtary, confidential and free of charge.

The Bridges Family Programs umbrella is comprised of five distinct programs. The BRIDGES PROGRAM provides support, information, family service planning, and advocacy services to individuals, expecting a child or who have children under the age of eighteen in Medicine Hat, Redcliff, Dunmore and Cypress County. Various social and educational programs are also offered to families. The Bridges Program is offered through contracted funds from Alberta Human Services - South Region Child and Family Services.The Intensive Family Support program provides intensive family support service planning and family support and parent/teen mediation services. .

Bridges Family Programs operates the FASD ASSESSMENT & SUPPORT SERVICES(FASS). FASS provides support, advocacy and consultative services to families who are raising children with this particular disability. FASS also facilitates, in partnership, a regional neurodevelopmental clinic in Medicine Hat which is responsible for assessing and diagnosing children and adults with FASD, within the Southeastern Alberta. The program also engages in prevention and education activities and presentations within the region to raise awareness about FASD and its prevention. The funding for this program is received from Alberta Human Services - South Region Child and Family Services and the Government of Alberta, Cross-Ministry Committee on FASD via the Southeastern Alberta FASD Service Network Society.

Bridges Family Programs administers SOUTHEAST ALBERTA HOME VISITATION PROGRAMS, in partnership with Alberta Health Services and Health Connections. This group of programs is comprised of Best Babies, the regional Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Program project; and Building Blocks, the regional Canadian Action Program for Children project. While each of these programs are unique, they serve the common goal of building upon and strengthening the capacities that participant families already exhibit. The programs focus on family strengths, building supportive relationships, promoting positive parent-child relationships, improving parent knowledge and skills, fostering healthy child development and connecting families to community supports as needed. These programs also offer parenting support and education groups as needed.

Finally, the FIRST STEPS program is a Parent – Child Assistance program for women who are pregnant and are using or have used alcohol and/or drugs during pregnancy. This program uses a case management, in-home support approach and concentrates not only on reducing alcohol and drug use, but addressing the health and social well-being of mothers and their children.





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