Bridges Program
A free and confidential program.

Connecting Children and Families in Medicine Hat and area with their Community.

Mission Statement

In a supportive, respectful and culturally sensitive environment, the Bridges program collaboratively provides family support, service planning and community referrals. By listening to families and the community and providing information and support, the Bridges program builds on the family’s existing strengths for the betterment of children and their families.

Vision Statement

The support and education provided by the Bridges program will assist families in achieving enhanced resilience and self-reliance in order to encourage the full potential of children and families within the community.

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Is Bridges for you?

Yes, if you ...

  • are expecting a child or have children under the age of 18 years and you live in Medicine Hat, Dunmore, Cypress County or surrounding areas.
  • need information, support and/or coordination of services.
  • are looking for information and/or support in accessing services in the community.

Bridges offers:

Information, support and advocacy services to families. This may include information, support and/or advocacy with the following concerns: financial i.e. need rent or food subsidy; help with school, parenting, parent/teen conflict, budgeting, house routines, community connections, etc. All support provided through Bridges is sensitive to the individual and cultural needs of the family.

Families are given the opportinity to participate in service planning. This process summarizes information about their children and family, indentifies their needs, and outlines ways to meet these needs in the form of an action plan.

Family programs are available depending on the needs and interests of the family. These may include workshops, parenting strategies and courses, family mediation, family activities, social gatherings, child development information, nutritional information, etc.

For additional more information please contact:

the Bridges Team Leader at 403.526.7473

Funding for this program is provided by:




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