A Community Action Program for Children (CAPC)

A Free and Confidential Service
Services are available
in Medicine Hat, Brooks, Bow Island, Oyen and surrounding areas.

Mission Statement

In a supportive, respectful, culturally sensitive and collaborative environment, Building Blocks offers an individualized, home based program that gives families the opportunity to learn skills that promote health and social development and positive parent-child relationships.

Vision Statement

The support and education provided by the Building Blocks program will assist families in achieving enhanced resilience and self-reliance in order to encourage the full potential of children and families within the community.

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Is Building Blocks for you?

Yes, if I ....

  • have a child or children under the age of 6 years and
  • would like help in addressing issues related to physical and mental health, lifestyle, parenting, relationships and/or social isolation.

Building Blocks offers …

  • Personalized home visits
  • Assessment of child growth and development
  • Information on your areas of interest i.e. nutrition, child development, safety, health, budgeting, child-parent activities, injury prevention, smoking cessation, parenting tips and much more.
  • Parent support
  • Service planning
  • Connection to community services and organizaitons
  • Parenting groups
We believe …
  • A positive parent-child relationship is important to child development.
  • Confidence in parenting is important.

Our program will help you to understand your child’s development as well as promote positive communication and interactions between you and your child.

Together we will …
  • Discuss ways that you and your child interact.
  • Look at how your child is growing and developing by completing the Ages and Stages Questionnaire and/or the Diagnostic Inventory for Screening Children (DISC).
  • Develop goals for you and for your family.
We will explore ways to …

Enjoy being with each other
Have fun with your child during meal time, bath time, bed time and diaper change routines.

Better understand your child
Understand your child’s needs and emotions when feeling hungry, tired, sleepy, lonely, sick or frustrated.

Feel confident as a parent
Learn successful parenting strategies to address a variety of common behaviours.

Build confidence in you child
Support your child in becoming co-operative and developing positive social behaviours. Help build your child’s self esteem.

Help a child learn through play
Learn to understand your child’s development and how to select age-appropriate toys and activities that promote development.

Parents are saying …

“I have received a lot of help from the Building Blocks program, from weaning from the bottle to solving sleep problems to potty training. It is a great program.”

“I have learned to stay calmer, less frustrated. I feel like I have a support system, learned to be assertive and take of care of me too.”

“I have learned more about nutrition and how to keep my family healthy. We are coping with stress better.”

For additional information contact ...
  • Medicine Hat - 403.526.7473
  • Bow Island - 403.545.6911
  • Brooks - 403.501.3862
  • Oyen - 403.526.7473

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