FASD Assessment & Support Services

All services provided by the Clinic Coordinator/Consultant are confidential and tailored to meet the needs of each family, and free of charge.

About FASD Assessment & Support Services

FASS serves all communities within Medicine Hat, Brooks, Oyen, Bow Island, Irvine and surrounding areas. Services are designed to meet the needs of families with children under 18 years, who have a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder diagnosis (FASD) or for whom FASD is suspected. Referrals are accepted from agencies, professionals, the general public, and directly from the families themselves.


FASS is committed to promoting FASD prevention and awareness, reducing the number of children born exposed to alcohol. In addition, FASS is committed to providing diagnostic, consultative and advocacy services for families and caregivers impacted by FASD.


FASS will foster awareness about FASD in the community, children, youth, adults, families and/or caregivers will be supported prior to, during and following the assessment process.

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FASS Offers:

Consultation & Advocacy Services

Caregivers of children who have or are suspected of having FASD face a variety of challenges resulting from their child’s disability. The FASD Clinic Coordinator/Consultant can assist families by:

  • providing information about the disability;
  • assisting caregivers to identify appropriate interventions;
  • helping families access available supports; and,
  • advocating for the child or family when requested to do so.

Regional Neurodevelopmental Clinic

FASD Assessment & Support Services facilitates the Regional Children’s Neurodevelopmental Clinic in Medicine Hat for both children and adults. The clinic is a multi-disciplinary body comprised of a team of community professionals including specialized physicans, psychology, occupational therapist and speech language pathologist. This team assesses, diagnoses, and develops intervention plans for children and adults affected by prenatal alcohol exposure. All children seeking assessment must see the diagnostic paediatrician to obtain a clinic referral.

The Clinic Coordinator/Consultant is available for consultation regarding clinic and the process involved in seeking assessment and diagnosis for a child.

Prevention & Training Services

FASD is a life long disability, thus FASS recognizes that the best treatment is prevention. FASS offers public awareness and prevention presentations that emphasize the importance of alcohol abstinence during pregnancy while addressing the disabilities associated with FASD and the challenges faced by families who cope with FASD. Regional audiences include students from all levels, including post-secondary, as well as various community agencies.

Additionally, FASS offers professional training presentations to agencies and organizations throughout the region. These presentations focus on understanding the primary and secondary disabilities associated with FASD, as well as appropriate, effective interventions.

All presentations are available at no cost and can be arranged through the Regional FASD Programs Manager. In addition, professionals can access consultative services on a case by case basis through the Clinic Coordinator/Consultatnt.

Parents comments:

"I've learned a lot about my child's diagnosis and that they will help me in anyway that I need to better my child in anything my child wants to accomplish".

"Thank you so much for your care and compassion for our family. It means the world to me as we walk this journey".

Regarding Neurodevelopmental Clinic:

"This was the best experience of my life! Finding help for a child and having professional people listening and hearing what the concerns are in raising this child [affected by FASD] I cannot thank you all enough. SUPER experience".

For more information contact:

the Regional FASD Manager or Clinic Coordinator/Consultant at 403.526.7473

The FASD Assessment & Support Servics is funded by:



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