Bridges Family Programs and Medicine Hat Legal Help Center would like to thank the following for supporting our organizations:




Bridges Family Programs has adopted and adheres to the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy's Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountability Code. This refers to the donor's rights, fundraising practices and financial accountability.

Our association is committed to:

  • protecting the rights of donors when solicing;
  • being responsible custodians of all donated funds;
  • exercising due care concerning the governance of fundraising and finanicial reporting; and
  • ensuring to the best of our ability that the association adheres to the provision of the Code and legislation.
How to Make a Donation

Whether you are an individual making a donation or an organization that wishes to support Bridges Family Programs Association of Southeastern Alberta, there are many options for donors.

Donors can choose to make donations in the following ways:

* Cash, cheque
* Annual or Monthly donations
* In-Kind donations

Every donation makes a difference:

All donor information is kept confidential, and never sold to or shared with other businesses or fundraising organizations. Bridges Family Programs Association of Southeastern Alberta maintains a very high standard in protecting donor records and ensuring donor wishes are carried out. Donors can choose anonymity, and rest assured it will not be compromised. The funds will be spent on the purposes for which they were received. If alternative use of the funds are necessary, the Agency will consult with the donor, where possible.

Every donation made to Bridges Family Programs Association of Southeastern Alberta will be recognized, and an official receipt will be issued if requested. Financial donations of $100 or more, will be recognized at the associaiton's Annual General Meeting.

To inquire further about donating to Bridges Family Programs Association of Southeastern Alberta, please contact the Executive Director or Administrative Assistant at 403-526-7473.



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