Bridges Family ProgramsAssociation of Southeastern Alberta

Bridges Family Programs offers a variety of programs and services for families living in Medicine Hat, Bow Island, Brooks, Oyen and the surrounding areas. These programs include Best Babies, Building Blocks, Bridges, FASD Assessment & Support Services and First Steps.

Our Mission Statement

Bridges Family Programs builds on strengths for the betterment of children, youth, families and the community, by providing information, family support and community connections.

Our Vision Statement

Bridges Family Programs want families to be resilient, self reliant and realize their potential.

Association Motto

Supporting families and community 


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Our Association is committed to these values and beliefs:

1. All individuals’:

      • Inherent worth and dignity will be respected;

      • Have the right to be heard, be safe, be respected and have hope;

      • Have the right to live in a healthy, safe and nurturing environment;

      • Beliefs, values, culture and spirituality will be respected;

      • Will be aware of their rights within the agency, as well as their constitutional and legal rights;

      • Need and deserve positive relationships in their lives;

      • Are unique and their needs may change;

      • Have the capacity to change and make a difference;

      • Need information to make informed choices;

      • Deserve the opportunity to enhance their strengths and increase their knowledge base and skills;

      • Have the right to determine their level of involvement in agency programs; and

      • Deserve high quality programs and services.

2. The association is committed to supporting personnel.

3. The association is an active part of the community.

4. Confidentiality in all areas of the agency is respected and protected.

5. Participation in all programs is voluntary.

6. Programs will utilize research based information, resources and best practices in the services it provides.

7. The association and its programs will evaluate its effectiveness of services and strive to improve them.

8. Supporting children in the early years is important.

9. Healthy pregnancies, healthy baby weights and the initiation and continuation of breastfeeding is important.

10. The overall health and development of individuals and their families is important.

11. Everyone has the right to access community information and supports.



If you are interested in more information on our association please call 403-526-7473.

If you are interested in a copy of our Annual General Meeting Report, please Click here(10.0Mb)







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